Recoup Pipe+ HE Waste Water Heat Recovery System & Ancillary Pack

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 12:35

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Product Details

The WWHRS is a system that uses remaining heat from shower waste water to increase the heat of cold mains water that arrives into the system. As a result, less energy is used to heat the mains water to the specified temperature.

Typically shower water is normally 40°C and enters the WWHRS at approx. 35-38°C after being used. Cold water then enters the WWHRS at 10°C and the heat that is recovered through the heat exchanger raises the cold water to approximately 25°C (depending on flow rates). Any waste water continues out into the sewerage.

The Recoup Pipe+ HE - and winner of the best new product award by Barratt Development plc - is the primary system offering brilliant efficiencies while achieving maximum SAP points and returns on investment. Also, it features a “double walled” exchanger and PVC outer with the capability of delivering up to 67% efficiency.

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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 67% efficiency (flow rate dependant)

  • 2015mm long pipe with installation height up to 2400mm

  • Double walled

  • SAP listed

  • No planned maintenance

  • Linkable to a waste water drain where the shower is over a tray, wet room or bath

  • WRAS approved

  • Legionella control risk assessed

  • PVC outer pipe

  • Discreet (not visible)

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