ProWarm™ Underfloor Heating multiple room water kits

Last Updated: October 19, 2015 13:02

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ProWarm™ Water Underfloor Heating Systems kit will supply enough pipe and fittings to cover 2 zones of 20m2 per zone.

A multi zone kit is ideal for when you want to control different zones at different temperatures and times, ideal for new builds and whole house projects, pipe spacings set at 200mm centres


  • A rated UPS 2 Grundfos pump

  • Multi-layered Barrier Pipe to suit area

  • Manual Thermostat (upgradeable to digital)

  • Pipe Cutters

  • Pipe rerounding tool

  • All pipe connections to fix pipe to pump

  • Larger kits will also include suitable manifolds

  • Available in sizes 40m2-200m2