ProWarm™ Underfloor Heating High Output water kits

Last Updated: October 19, 2015 12:45

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ProWarm™ High Output - Water Underfloor Heating Single room kits are suitable for combining one area of water underfloor heating in a high heat loss area with a standard radiator system. The kits are designed to cover an area in square meters when the pipe is spaced at 200mm apart.

This spacing provides an output of 140w per square meter.

Features & Benefits

Note: ProWarm™ Water Underfloor Heating kits feature water temperature control, beware of systems without this facility. ProWarm™ only use high quality multi-layered barrier pipe. Its high specification means that it is also WRAS approved for drinking water installations. The aluminium layer acts as an oxygen barrier, preventing the oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix, which stops corrosion of the metal components in the system. Visit for more details.

  • A rated UPS 2 Grundfos pump.

  • Multi-layered Barrier Pipe to suit area

  • Perimeter Edging insulation

  • Manual Thermostat (upgradeable to digital)

  • Pipe Staples

  • Pipe Cutters

  • Pipe rerounding tool

  • All pipe connections to fix pipe to pump

  • Larger kits will also include suitable manifolds