Prowarm Floating Floor Panel

Last Updated: October 19, 2015 13:13

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Product Details

ProWarm™ floating floor panels are ideal for installations where a finished floor is required within a minimum time scale.

Panels can be installed onto existing suitable subfloors ie: solid concrete/screeded floors or suitable 18mm structually sound wooden subfloors such as chipboard, plywood or floorboards.

EPS panels are pre-routed in different patterns and are covered with a high tech aluminium foil. The foil distributes the heat evenly across the entire floor surface, the warm up time is drastically reduced compared to traditional wet screed systems, our state of the art 16mm multi-layered barrier pipe sits flush inside the ProWarm insulation panels ready for your suitable wooden floor covering on top.

Suitable floor coverings include engineered wooden floors, T+G floorboards, or 18mm chipboard (to recieve suitable low tog carpets) please check with flooring manufacturer that the floor covering is suitable to use with this system

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for domestic as well as commercial applications.

  • No wet trades are needed, making it a very fast system to install and means no waiting time for screed to dry.

  • These panels are not suitable for tiling on to (please use solid floor panels if you intend to use tiles as your floor covering)