Pro Clima Wincon

Last Updated: April 29, 2014 15:12

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An exceptionally high performance quality control device (9,600m3/h at 50Pa pressure differential).

The Pro Clima Wincon air tightness quality control unit is a high powered fan designed to pinpoint air leakage on site. It empowers the installer to verify if the air tightness work carried out on site after application is to a high standard. Often referred to as the spirit level for air tightness, it is a high performance, easy to use unit.

• Its operation is based on a simple principle: the Pro Clima Wincon generates a negative pressure and thereby enables air leaks to be identified and effectively sealed, prior to the application of the internal lining

• The Pro Clima Wincon can be installed in an external window or door of the building

• The Pro Clima Wincon is an innovative device which consists of a high powered fan, a fan controller and a magnehelic pressure gauge, all mounted on one singular wooden frame

• This device is packaged in a convenient, robust wooden box, complete with smoke puffers for detecting leakages in the building envelope, temporary sealing tapes

• The magnehelic gauge allows the operator to depressurise the building to up to 60Pascals

• Quality control ensures attention to detail during installation

• The Pro Clima Wincon does not replace the Blower Door test but it compliments the airtightness testing process

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788610 - Test Unit 220v