Pro Clima Tescon Profil

Last Updated: September 18, 2015 13:20

Single-side adhesive tapes for junctions at windows or doors and for corner bonding

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Suitable for Bonding: INTELLO PLUS®

Solitex UD Solitex Plus Solitex WA

Specification & Product Codes



788576 - Tescon NO 1 Roll 60mm x 30m

788577 - Tescon Profil Roll 60mm x 30m

788578 - Tescon Vana Roll 60mm x 30m

788583 - Tescon Vana Roll Profil 60mm x 30m

788585 - Tescon Vana Roll New 150mm x 30m

788586 - Tescon Primer RP 750ml

788587 - Tescon Primer RP 1000ml

788588 - Tescon Primer RP 2500ml