Pro Clima Solitex Plus

Last Updated: November 08, 2013 10:14

The New Generation of Vapour Permeable Membranes

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Weather tightness is the essential property of roofing membranes. This property should be guaranteed not just under laboratory conditions, but particularly under conditions typically found on construction sites where roofing membranes need to provide durable protection against intruding dampness. Micro-porous roofing membranes manufactured using conventional technologies may cause problems when exposed to the real life weather impact on the roof.

The quality of nonporous closed cell membranes is achieved by using an uninterrupted film. The liquid polymer is poured in-between two layers of nonwoven fabric at a temperature of over 200°C bonding these when cooling down.

Water Tightness: Closed cell membranes are robust and perform well in conditions where the surface tension of water is reduced.

The Result: The membrane remains tight, no extra work, no extra cost, satisfied customers.

The vapour is diffused down the molecule chains on the basis of a chemical reaction. This results in a high degree of vapour diffusion with highest weather tightness against driving rain.

Specification & Product Codes



Cover-fleece and Protective Layer: PP Microfiber Fleeces, Membrane: Monolithic TEEE Film, Reinforcement: PP

Quality certification:
Fire Class E, Watertightness W1



788563 - 1.5m X 50 M 75m2

788565 - 1.5m X 15m 22.5m2

788566 - 0.5m X 50 M 25m2

788567 - 0.75m X 50 M 37.5m2