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Last Updated: September 11, 2015 11:58

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If pipes or cables penetrate the airtightness layer, they too must be securely sealed. One solution to this is to use airtightness grommets made from EPDM. This flexible material allows a tight flexible fit, and ROLFLEX is available in all common diameters. Rolflex grommets should be sealed to Intello Plus with TESCON No 1.


  • Quick & easy airtight sealing

  • Flexible press-out circular plug seals around cables of various diameters

  • Easy to pierce with nails or cartridge nozzles

  • Multilayered sealing ribs ensure optimum connection to profiled pipes.

  • Can be used for more than one cable

  • Can be removed at a later date

Specification & Product Codes



Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer

3rd party Accreditation:
NSAI, CE Marking



788615 - Roflex 20 Pipe Grommet 15mm 30mm – 145mm x 145mm

788616 - Roflex 50 Pipe Grommet 50mm 90mm – 140mm x 140mm

788617 - Roflex 100 Pipe Grommet 100mm 120mm – 200mm x 200mm

788618 - Roflex 150 Pipe Grommet 120mm – 170mm – 250mm x 250mm

788619 - Roflex 200 Pipe Grommet 170mm 220mm – 300mm x 300mm