Pro Clima Kaflex Mono Cable Grommet

Last Updated: July 05, 2016 14:37

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If pipes or cables penetrate the air tightness layer, they must be securely sealed. The most suitable means of doing this is with air tightness grommets made from EPDM. This flexible material allows a tight fit, and Kaflex allows for a secure feed-through for cables and pipes. Kaflex cable grommets feature an integrated adhesive with a release paper for ease of application.

• For an airtight seal around pipes and cables which pass through the INTELLO PLUS or DB+ membrane. They are made of non-ageing elastic EPDM rubber in a high adhesive square

• With Release paper

• Offers high protection against piercing due to its high elasticity

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Specification & Product Codes



EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer)

3rd party Accreditation:
NSAI, CE Marking



788612 - Single 6-12mm – 145mm x 145mm

788613 - Twin 6-12mm – 145mm x 145mm

788614 - Multi 6-12mm – 140mm x 140mm