Polypipe Domus MVHR (HRXD & HRX2D)

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 12:35

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Product Details

The Polypipe Domus HRXD and HRX2D MVHR units are designed to provide measured amounts of filtered, fresh air to living areas while removing polluted, stale air from bathing, cooking and washing areas at a similar rate.

Both units feaute a built-in heat exchanger to recover the heat from the extracted air as well as a boost switch to increase the ventilation rate when required (for example when the shower is running and producing water vapour).

Not sure how MVHR units work? Check out our data sheet with everything you need to know to install a MVHR unit.

Polypipe Domus HRXD: This unit is the smaller of the two units and is suitable for a floor area up to 180m².

Polypipe Domus HRX2D: This unit is bigger than the HRXD and is suitable for a floor area between 180m² to 275m².

NOTE: If the floor area is greater than 275m², then multiple units can be used.

Features & Benefits

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  • Reduced Dwelling Emission Rate (DER)

  • Wiring centre mounted remotely

  • Heat exchange efficiency up to 88%

  • 100% summer bypass

  • Compact and lightweight

Specification & Product Codes



112397 - Polypipe Hpack Flow (HRXD)

112398 - Polypipe Hpack Standard (HRXD)

112396 - Polypipe Hpack Flow (HRX2D)

112395 - Polypipe Hpack Standard (HRX2D)