Mira Eco Range

Last Updated: November 18, 2013 11:43

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Save water. Save money. Our Miniduo eco exposed valve with Ecofficient™ technology saves up to 75% water compared to a standard Miniduo, yet still delivers a great performance, you could call it the greener way to get cleaner.

• Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family

• Separate temperature and flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower

• 3 spray Mira Eco showerhead saves up to 75% water compared to standard Miniduo at 0.5 bar pressure

• Approved by the BMA and Waterwise as a water efficient product

• EV models come with 110mm pipe centres

• Optional extended elbows pack is available for existing pipework between 133-153mm

• Works on all systems and pressures

Specification & Product Codes



132310 - Mira Eco Showerhead Chrome

186793 - Mira Eco Water Saving Showerhead Chrome

287585 - Mira Eco Handset White

287587 - Mira Eco BIR Head White

402848 - Mira Minilite Eco B Chrome

402850 - Mira Minilite Eco E Chrome

402873 - Mira Miniduo & Eco

638875 - Mira Miniduo with Eco Handset EV Chrome

638876 - Mira Miniduo with Eco Handset BIV Chrome

638877 - Mira Minilite Eco EV Chrome

638878 - Mira Minilite Eco BIV Chrome