MGC Sempatap Thermal Insulation

Last Updated: July 29, 2015 10:40

Sempatap thermal solid wall insulation is 10mm thick, specifically developed as solid wall insulation and has been in use in the UK and Europe.

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Sempatap Thermal is as simple as wallpaper to apply with hardly any mess and can be decorated with virtually any finish - emulsion, wallpaper - it can even be tiled. Sempatap Thermal can be redecorated with no problem and has a life expectancy of 30 years.

Another big benefit is Sempatap Thermal solid wall insulation can be applied on a rolling programme when each room is being decorated – thus keeping any disruption to a minimum and also keeping outlay costs to a minimum.

The energy savings using Sempatap Thermal are dramatic providing warmer living conditions within the home, helping to lower heating bills and reducing heat loss through cold walls. SEMPATAP THERMAL can be used to insulate cold walls and can also be applied to ceilings, it can be installed in any type of solid wall home including solid brick, solid stone, concrete and homes with mansard roofs, dormer ceilings and park homes.

As Sempatap Thermal is only 10mm thick it does not dramatically reduce the room size, it is particularly useful on gable end walls with staircases where the width is critical. The flexible nature of Sempatap Thermal when it is being applied allows it to follow contours reflecting the nature and character of some older dwellings. However, it will also provide a new sound “blank canvas” for decorating on the internal wall areas of more standard solid wall properties.

Sempatap Thermal is the easy to use, economical solution for reducing heat loss and lowering CO2 emissions in solid wall homes. It makes the property more energy efficient and immediately provides a warmer and more comfortable environment whilst helping to protect against climate change

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