Manthorpe Soil Pipe Seal

Last Updated: November 08, 2013 10:18

The Manthorpe 4” Soil Pipe Seal is designed to seal the hole created around a 4” soil pipe when it penetrates through a ceiling or suspended floor.

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Product Details

The seal is intended for use after the installation of the soil pipe and before the stack is boxed in and plastered, as such the seal can be split open to allow it to bend around the back of the pipe once installed and then clipped shut again clamping it to the pipe (the smaller diameter hole in the polythene creates a lip which seals around the pipe). The GPS4 can be applied to the ceiling face from inside the room, or down from above in the loft space, it should be orientated so the mastic tape is facing the desired sealing plane.

Once aligned, the backing from the mastic tape can be removed and the product slid along to pipe to the opening. The tape will seal around the gap when pressed into position; significantly reducing the air leakage through the detail. The polythene membrane of the GPS4 is flexible enough to allow it to bend around any edge or corner, for instances where the soil pipe is located against 1 or more walls, in addition one of the covering edges is longer to accommodate a potentially wider hole.

Specification & Product Codes



768263 - Manthorpe 4" Soil Pipe Seal GPS4