Manthorpe Radiator Pipe Guide & Seal

Last Updated: September 18, 2015 10:06

Provides an impermeable barrier at the point at which radiator pipes meet the wall

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Product Details

The GRS Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal provides an impermeable barrier at the point at which radiator pipes meet the wall an area identified as a key point for the loss of heat.

Until now there has been no method of properly sealing this area, because of this, many installers leave gaps around pipes. This allows heat to escape and bills to soar.

As air testing is mandatory for new builds, this will help reduce air leakage in dwellings.

Designed for use with increasingly popular plastic pipes, the radiator pipe guide and seal ensures there are no gaps for heat to escape. The innovative design prevents kinks and twists in the pipe.

Inexpensive and easy to fit, the product provides a highly effective barrier conserving energy and reducing fuel costs.

For builders it is a simple way of complying with the revised Part L regulations regarding air leakage.


• Pipe clamp prevents chafing of pipes

• Skim bead provides guide for plastering

• 80mm radius pipe guide eliminates kinks and helps prevent pipe sag

• Air tight foam gasket prevents air leakage

• Four secure fixing points allows accurate installation

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