Manthorpe Cavity Trays

Last Updated: December 22, 2016 12:46

GW295 900mm Horizontal Cavity Tray

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Product Details

Wind driven rain can sometimes be forced through brickwork into wall cavities.

If this damp trickles down the cavity and behind an extension, the homeowner faces a major problem, the outside wall then becomes an inside wall where rain soaked bricks can cause problems in internal rooms.

The Mantorpe cavity tray sits within the cavity and redirects water back thorough the external brickwork, allowing it to flow harmlessly away along an abutting roof.

The Horizontal Cavity Tray is a 900mm injection moulded tray which incorporates interlocking stop ends for ease of fitting. The pull away mortar strips clipped to the front of the tray provide a perfectly chased out slot for quick and simple insertion. Each tray is a self contained unit to ensure a fail safe system.

Manthorpe Weep Vents or Peep Weeps should be fitted into the brickwork at 450mm spacings to allow the collected water to drain away.

The Refurbishment Cavity Tray is a 450mm version of the regular Horizontal Cavity Tray specifically designed for use in refurbishment situations.

The trays are retrofitted by removing three bricks at a time from the existing wall and sliding the tray into position through the gap.

The shortened upstand allows for easy manipulation when sliding the tray into and existing cavity.

The GW296 Internal Corner Tray and GW297 External Corner Tray are used when a Horizontal or Refurbishment run of trays has to turn through a 90° angle.

These are easily fixed to the surrounding Horizontal Trays by means of a mastic strip. Simply peel off the wax tape and attach.

Depending on the detail it may be necessary to cut down a Horizontal Tray.

A GW298/99 stop end should be used to terminate a cut down tray.


• Horizontal abutment trays

• Integral stop ends

• Removable mortar strip for easy lead application

• Refurbishment trays available

• Internal & external corners

• Additional handed stop-ends

Product Specifications

GW294 Horizontal Refurbishment Cavity Tray 450mm x 155mm

GW295 Horizontal Cavity Tray 900mm x 155mm

GW296 Internal Corner Tray 265mm x 265mm x 155mm

GW297 External Corner Tray 265mm x 265mm x 155mm

GW298 Right hand stop end 83mm x 155mm

GW299 Left hand stop end 83mm x 155mm

Specification & Product Codes



504059 - Stop End Right Hand GW298

504060 - Stop End Left Hand GW299

504061 - External Corner GW297

504062 - Internal Corner GW296

504063 - 900mm GW295

504064 - Refurbishment 450mm GW294