Manthorpe Air Tight Loft Door

Last Updated: September 28, 2015 14:41

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Product Details

The innovative new GL250 loft access door is the most air tight loft door ever.

Offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof space access.


  • Sleek design provides a clean appearance thanks to the unique sliding mechanism

  • Revolutionary designed multi-point catch mechanism means it far exceeds Part L of the Building Regulations

  • Air tightness of the loft hatch is less than 1.0m³/hr

  • Available in various insulation options with u-vales from 0.15W/m²K to 0.35 W/m²K

  • Frame screws up into ceiling timbers for simple installation.

  • The design allows for the door to be fully removed in seconds.

  • Full draught sealed and insulated to the edge of the opening to minimise cold bridging.

  • Hidden hinge detail is set back from the aperture creating a larger opening into the loft space.

  • In an independent BRE test, the new GL250 was the only door that passed the requirements of the building regulations.

Specification & Product Codes



145300 - Manthorpe Loft Door 150mm Insulation

287638 - Manthorpe Loft Door GL250-03L-EPS

727507 - Manthorpe Loft Door 60mm Insulation