Loft Storage Stilts

Last Updated: October 09, 2015 10:09

Loft Storage Stilts have been design specifically to make creating a raised boarded area inside a loft a quick, simple and hassle-free process that anybody can do.

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Even those with no DIY skills or very little time can now easily elevate the boarded section so that their loft can be used for storage while still having 270mm of loft insulation. By using no more than a screwdriver you can quickly make a strong and secure raised storage platform that will hold your belongings while still allowing you maximum savings on your energy bills by being fully insulated to government standard.

Why Use Loft Storage Stilts? If you are thinking about insulating your loft you may not be aware that you will have to give up the storage space.

By installing Loft Storage Stilts in your loft you can easily create a raised platform for storage that hovers above the insulation without compressing it.

This maximises the efficiency of the insulation and use of valuable space in your home. Why Insulate your Loft? If everyone in the UK properly insulated their loft to building regulations this would save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO² emissions in the UK each year – not to mention that it could reduce your energy bill by up to £175 every year. (Energy Savings Trust).

These benefits have never been more important than in our current state of recession and environmental change.

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676776 - Loft Storage Stilts