LG Therma V

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:39

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The LG Therma V is designed for energy efficiency, comfort & ease of installation. LG’s inverter technology ensures the highest seasonal energy efficiency in combination with optimally designed components such as the water pump, heat exchanger and fan motor.

Moreover, the pressure control technology provides stable heating capacity at low temperature and reaches target performance without difficulties, ensuring you get heating when it’s required most.

Ease and speed of installation is obtained through factory fitted components such as A­-class circulation pump, plate heat exchanger, expansion vessel & electric back­-up heater.

Additionally, the units come gold-­fin treated as standard, ensuring protection in areas close to the sea and user ­oriented functions ensure end­-users comfort and confidence in use.

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  • Extensive warranty, 3 years as standard or 5 years with LG approved installer scheme

  • Simple to use selection program to select the right Therma­V for your project

  • Weather compensation included as standard for optimum efficiency

  • Pressure control reinforces heating performance by operating in stable condition even at low ambient temperature

  • Emergency back­up heating included as standard

  • Quiet operation through optimised fan

  • We can design and estimate the whole system. Click here to find out more.

Specification & Product Codes



761914 - 3kW prestige pack

955984 - 5kW prestige pack

955985 - 7kW prestige pack

761916 - 9kW prestige pack

761917 - 12kW prestige pack

761918 - 14kW prestige pack

955988 - 16kW prestige pack