LG MonoX ­270wp Monocrystalline Module

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:36

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Product Details

The MonoX ­270wp Monocrystalline Module is a high quality, light but robust solar PV module from LG electronics.

The panels can be easily installed due to their well thought out design and manufacturing.

They come with a 10 year warranty a 25 year linear performance warranty is available.

We can design solar pv systems. Email Tom Edwards for more information via tom.edwards@solfex.co.uk

Features & Benefits

Features of LG MonoX

  • The LG Mark of Excellence
    Customers rest assured of cutting-edge technology and reliability when they see the LG logo on every module. The LG logo reflects the high standards that have guided LG for more than 50 years.

  • Reliable Warranties
    LG stands by its products with the strength of a global corporation and sterling warranty policies. Together with a 10 year product warranty a 25 year linear performance warranty is offered.

  • 100% EL Test Completed
    All LG modules are tested at various stages of the production by Electroluminescence inspection. The EL inspection detects cracks unseen by the naked eye

  • Positive Power Tolerance
    LG provides rigorous quality testing to solar modules to assure customers of the stated power outputs of all modules, with a positive nominal tolerance starting at 0%.

  • Light and Robust
    With a weight of just 16.8 kg, LG modules are proven to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure up to 5400 Pa.

  • Convenient Installation
    LG modules are carefully designed to help installers benefit from quick and easy installations throughout carrying, grounding, and connecting stages of modules.

Mechanical Properties

Cells6 x 10
Cell vendorLG
Cell typeMonocrystalline
Cell dimensions156.5 x 156.5 mm / 6 x 6 in
# of busbar3
Dimensions (L x W x H)1640 x 1000 x 35 mm / 64.57 x 39.37 x 1.38 in
Static snow load5400 Pa / 113 psf
Static wind load2400 Pa / 50 psf
Weight16.8 ± 0.5 kg / 36.96 ± 1.1 lb
Connector typeMC4 connector IP 67
Junction boxIP 67 with 3 bypass diodes
Length of cables1000 mm / 39.37 in
GlassHigh transmission tempered glass
FrameAnodized aluminum

Certifications and Warranty

CertificationsIEC 61215, IEC 61730-1/-2, IEC 61701, Salt Mist Corrosion Test (IEC61701), DLG-Fokus Test "Ammonia Resistance", UL1703, ISO 9001
Module Fire Performance (UL1703)Type 2
Product warranty10 years
Output warranty of Pmax (measurement Tolerance ± 3%)Limited Linear Warranty *
1) 1st year: 97%, 2) After 2nd year: 0.7%p annual degradation, 3) 80.2% for 25 years

Temperature Coefficients

NOCT47.0 ± 2 °C
Pmpp-0.44 %/°C
Voc-0.31 %/°C
Isc0.05 %/°C

Electrical Properties (STC*)

Maximum power at STC (Pmpp)270
MPP voltage (Vmpp)31.7
MPP current (Impp)8.52
Open circuit voltage (Voc)38.6
Short circuit current (Isc)9.12
Module efficiency (%)16.5
Operating temperature (°C)-40 ~ +90
Maximum system voltage (V)1000 (IEC), 600 (UL)
Maximum series fuse rating (A)15
Power tolerance (%)0 ~ +3
STC (Standard Test Condition): Irradiance 1000 W/m2, module temperature 25 °C, AM 1.5 / The nameplate power output is measured and determined by LG Electronics at its sole and absolute discretion.

Electrical Properties (NOCT*)

Maximum power at NOCT (Pmpp)193
MPP voltage (Vmpp)28.8
MPP current (Impp)6.80
Open circuit voltage (Voc)35.5
Short circuit current (Isc)7.37
Efficiency reduction (from 1000 W/m2 to 200 W/m2)< 4.5 %
NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature): Irradiance 800 W/m2, ambient temperature 20 °C, wind speed 1 m/s