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Last Updated: September 11, 2015 11:59

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Product Details

Knopp's Contopp Accelerator Systems let’s you choose your drying times, anything from five to 20 days. With Knopp's Contopp Accelerator Compounds, you get the same drying-time performance with the added benefit of hydrophobic action and fibre reinforcement.

To get the screed hardness you want (up to 60N) you can choose Contopp Hardening Agents. Knopp's liquid hardeners are the only additives to increase compressive strength. They are ideal for high-impact industrial and commercial applications or heavily trafficked areas in public buildings.


  • Accelerate drying times

  • Protect against re-moisturing

  • Improve the compressive strength

  • Save water

  • Reduce cracks with fibre reinforcement

  • Reduce shrinkage

  • Increase workability and processing time

Knopp is exclusive to CCF in the UK.

Specification & Product Codes




Quality certification:
BS 8203, BS 8204, BS8000, BS EN 13139, BS EN 197



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