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Featuring a purpose-designed solar coil, which allows maximum heat transfer of solar energy into the stored water, they are suitable for use with wide range of solar systems. They can also be used with another renewable energy source, such as air source heat pump and are efficient and environmentally friendly way of providing Domestic Hot Water.

Solar cylinders are available in direct and indirect versions. Where solar input does not fully meet the heating and DHW requirements, direct units have an electric immersion heater to meet the additional load. Indirect units use input from the householders' traditional heat source of gas, oil or electric boiler.

Insulation: 50mm-thick environmentally friendly CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam lagging. Range of capacities: From 180 to 300 litres.

Guarantee: 25-year fully transferable guarantee against faulty materials and manufacture on the stainless steel inner container. The expansion vessel and cold water controls supplied with the cylinder carry a 5-year guarantee. All other components fitted to/or supplied with the unit carry a 2-year guarantee.

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