Kingspan Raintrap

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 11:00

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Product Details

The Raintrap system comprises of a filter, an underground storage tank and a pump.

Rainwater runs down the roof and into the guttering and downpipes in the normal way before passing through a filter which removes any leaves or debris. Rainwater is stored in an underground tank from which it is pumped at a constant pressure to a garden sprinkler or hose as required.

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  • Easy to install

    • Suitable for existing and new homes
  • Automatic rainwater diversion when tank reaches full capacity

    • Internal self-cleaning leaf filter
  • Suitable to backfill with Pea Shingle in dry conditions

Specification & Product Codes



155821 - 2800L

155843 - 3800L

155855 - 4600L