JA Solar JAP6 265 - 270wp Polycrystalline Module

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:37

JA Solar JAP6 265 - 270wp Polycrystalline Module

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Product Details

JA Solar JAP6 265 - 270wp solar PV systems are designed for residential and utility applications, rooftop or ground mount.

They have excellent mechanical load resistance as they can withstand wind loads up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400Pa.

These panels also have outstanding performance even when the outside light is not optimum.

We can design solar pv systems. Email Tom Edwards for more information via tom.edwards@solfex.co.uk

Features & Benefits

Features of JA Solar JAP6 Modules

  • JA 4BB design reduces cell series resistance and stress between cell interconnectors, this both improves module reliability and module conversion efficiency

  • High power output and high conversion efficiency of up to 16.51%

  • Designed for DC IEC 1000V applications

  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust

  • Outstanding performance in low light irradiance environments

  • Excellent mechanical load resistance. Certified to withstand high wind loads ( 2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)

  • Hight salt and ammonia resistance certified by TÜV NORD

Reliable Quality

  • Positive power tolerance: 0~+5W

  • 100% EL double-inspection ensures modules are defect free

  • Modules binned by current to improve system performance

  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) Resistant


  • IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL1703, CEC Listed, MCS and CE

  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality management systems

  • ISO 14001: 2004: Environmental management systems

  • BS OHSAS 18001: 2007: Occupational health and safety management systems

  • Environmental Policy: JA Solar was the first company in China to complete Intertek's carbon footprint evaluation program and receive the green leaf mark verification for their products.

Mechanical Parameters

Cell (mm)Poly 156 x 156
Weight (kg)18 (approx)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)1650 x 991 x 35
Cable Cross Section Size (mm²)4
No. of Cell and Connections60 ( 6 x 10 )
Junction BoxIP67, 3 Diodes
ConnectorMC4 Compatible
Packaging Configuration30 Per Pallet

Working Conditions

Maximum System VoltageDC 1000V (IEC)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~+85°C
Maximum Series Fuse15A
Maximum Static Load ( Front, Back)5400Pa, 2400Pa
Application ClassClass A

Electrical Parameters

TypeJAP6 60-265/4BBJAP6 60-270/4BB
Rated Maximum Power at STC (W)265270
Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc/V)38.0538.27
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp/V)31.0231.23
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A)9.089.45
Maximum Power Current (Imp/A)8.548.65
Module Efficiency (%)8.6516.21
Power Tolerance (W) -0~+5W
Temperature Coefficient of Isc +0.049%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.330%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.410%/°C
STCIrradiance 1000W/m², Module Temperature 25°C, Air Mass 1.5


JAP6 60-265/4BBJAP6 60-270/4BB
Max Power (Pmax)(W)192.39196.02
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)(V)34.9235.23
Max Power Voltage(Vmp)(V)28.3728.57
Short Circuit Current (Isc)(A)7.117.15
Max Power Current(Imp)(A)6.786.86
ConditionUnder Normal Operaing Cell Temperature, Irradiance of 800 W/m², spectrum AM 1.5, ambient temperature 20°C, wind speed 1m/s