Intesio Aquacell Eco

Last Updated: October 09, 2015 08:53

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Typical applications

AquaCell Eco has been designed and developed for landscaped and other traffic-free areas where heavy loading capability is not required.


  • BBA approval pending

  • 100% black recycled PP

  • Proven vertical loading capacity of 17.5 tonnes/m²

  • Proven lateral loading capacity of 4.0 tonnes/m²

  • For installation depth (to base of units) up to 1.5 metres maximum

  • Integral ‘hand holes’ for ease of carrying

  • Distinctive black colour for easy identification

  • Specifically designed for restricted depth, non trafficked, landscaped sites

  • AquaCell Eco geocellular systems also allow ‘brick-bonding’, which gives extra stability without the need for additional connector pieces

Specification & Product Codes



346979 -