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Last Updated: November 18, 2013 16:13

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Ecoterre® is a range of unfired clay bricks intended for most internal non load-bearing applications. Unfired clay bricks have excellent sustainability credentials low energy input, very low waste and high recyclability and Ecoterre® is manufactured in the UK.

When incorporated into a building they give thermal mass and acoustic insulation, inhibit condensation and regulate the relative humidity of the atmosphere. Ecoterre® is available in two sizes and with a smooth finish if required.

The distinctive keyed faces of earth bricks have been developed to provide an excellent bond with plaster or mortar to the surfaces.


• It is recommended that moderately hydraulic lime mortar should be used to lay the bricks. Alternatively, clay mortars are available.


• Unfired clay brickwork can be finished with a variety of breathable materials including clay and lime plasters, clay boards, some paints and limewashes. Only highly vapour permeable paints should be used.


• Unfired clay bricks will generally only require standard fixings for secondary works such as plumbing, electrics and joinery. Ordinary masonry plugs and screws are suitable for most applications.

Specification & Product Codes



691801 - Standard 220 x 105 x 67

691804 - Large 220 x 105 x 133