Huawei Sun2000 17 - 20 - 23 KTL String Inverters

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:42

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Product Details

The SUN2000 smart PV controller uses the Huawei Hisilicon chip and operating system, reducing the usage of copper devices. These features convert the traditional power converter to a smart controller, achieving better efficiency and quality.

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Features & Benefits


  • Maximum of 3 MPPT for versatile adaption to different module types or quantities built up with different alignments
  • Up to 6 strings intelligent monitoring and fault detection
  • RS 485 and USB ports for connectivity and data management
  • Local graphic LCD and remote monitoring


  • SUN2000-20KTL Photon test result: A+/A+ at medium and high irradiation
  • Maximum efficiency 98.6%
  • European efficiency 98.3%


  • Type IIDC and AC surge protection devices integrated
  • Noise ≤ 29dB, Class-B electromagnetic radiation
  • RCD protection function


  • Warranty up to 25 years
  • No need of external fan with natural cooling technology
  • Outdoor application of IP65

Technical Specification

Max efficiency98.60%
european efficiency98.30%
Max DC input19,200 W22,500 W23,600 W
Max input voltage1000 V
Max input current per MPPT18 A
Max short circuit current per MPPT25 A
Operating voltage range200 - 950 V
MPP voltage range at full loading400 - 800 V
Rated input voltage620 V
Max number of inputs6
Number of MPP trackers3
Rated output power17,000 W20,000 W23,000 W
Max apparent output power18,700 W22,000 W23,000 W
Rated output voltage3 x 230V / 400V+N+PE, 3x 220V /380V+N+PE
AC power frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Max output current27.2 A32 A33.5 A
Adjustable power factor0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging
Max total harmonic disortion< 3%
Input-side disconnection deviceYes
Anti-islanding protectionYes
AC over current protectionYes
DC reverse-polarity protectionYes
PV-array string fault monitoringYes
DC surge arrestersType II
AC surge arrestersType II
Insulation monitoringYes
Residual current detectionYes
Display and Comunication
DisplayGraphic LCD
General Data
Dimensions (W x H x D)520 x 610 x 255 mm
Weight48 kg
Operating temperature range -25°C to +60°C
CoolingNatural convection
Operating altitude3000 m
Relative humidity (non-condensing)0 - 100%
DC connectorAmphenol H4
AC connectorAmphenol C16 / 3
Degree of protectionIP65
Self-consumption at night< 1 W
Noise emission29 dB
Warranty5 Years (10 - 25 years optional )
Safety/EMCEN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-11, EN61000-3-12, EN/IEC62109-1, EN/IEC62109-2
Grid CodeVDE-AR-N4105,VDE0126-1-1,BDEW 2008,Enel-Guideline,CEI 0-21, G59/3,G83/2,AS4777,CGC/GF004:2011,IEC61727,IEC62116,RD1669,UTE C 15-712-1