Herschel Select XL

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:12

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Product Details

The Herschel Select XL is a high quality frameless panel with a well developed and highly efficient heating element. The range offers up to 60% heating efficiency* and has an EASY FIX mounting system making it ideal for wall or ceiling-mounting. It also features a high quality finish and offers a brilliant combination of quality, performance and price. Within the range, products are available in a white panel, frameless mirror or glass finish with an optional towel rail accessory.

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(*There are a number of factors which determine the actual savings on energy consumption that will be achievable on each project. As a general rule, based on buildings insulated to 1990's standards and onward, we would typically specify on average 20-25wm3 compared to 40wm3 which is required for convection, a saving of at least 37% from Herschel panels versus electric convection heating. Compared to standard night storage heaters which would be specified at an equivalent of at least 60wm3, energy savings of 60% can be delivered, especially when zoning and control is taken into account (Note: high heat retention night storage heaters would be specified around 46wm3). This is against all leading brands of electric and night storage heaters.).

Select XL White Panel: this panel heater is a high quality frameless panel with a well developed and highly efficient heating element. Available in 4 sizes.

Select XL Mirror: the mirror is made with mirrored safety glass and provides a stylish heating solution. One of the main features is that the mirror does not steam up and it’s principal application is within humid areas such as bathrooms. Available in 3 sizes.

Select XL Glass: the glass panel heater complements any environment and is a stylish heating solution. The product is available in 2 sizes and white or black colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 60% heating efficiency*

  • New COSIX cell heating element

  • EASY FIX mounting system

  • Options for wall or ceiling mounting

  • Frameless, ultra slim design

  • Silent operation, long lifetime and maintenance free (no replacement bulbs or moving parts)

  • Designed to meet LOT 20 requirements

Specification & Product Codes



696417 - Select XL White 250W

696423 - Select XL White 300W

696424 - Select XL White 600W

696427 - Select XL White 850W (ceiling mount only)

696428 - Select XL White 1000W (wall mount only)

177098 - Select XL Black Glass 500W

177100 - Select XL Black Glass 700W

177099 - Select XL White Glass 500W

177101 - Select XL White Glass 700W

177094 - Select XL Mirror 350W

177095 - Select XL Mirror 500W

177096 - Select XL Mirror 700W