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Last Updated: September 14, 2017 13:12

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The Select White framed panel from Herschel provides the perfect choice for those looking for the many benefits from far infrared at great value. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, the Herschel Select White offers up to 60% heating efficiency*, comes with a 5 year warranty, is available in 3 sizes and can be both wall or ceiling mounted. The 350w and 700w Select panel can fit 60 x 60 ceiling tiles and the 60 x 120 Armstrong tiles respectively, providing a simple and discreet solution for offices, schools and shops.

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(*There are a number of factors which determine the actual savings on energy consumption that will be achievable on each project. As a general rule, based on buildings insulated to 1990's standards and onward, we would typically specify on average 20-25wm3 compared to 40wm3 which is required for convection, a saving of at least 37% from Herschel panels versus electric convection heating. Compared to standard night storage heaters which would be specified at an equivalent of at least 60wm3, energy savings of 60% can be delivered, especially when zoning and control is taken into account (Note: high heat retention night storage heaters would be specified around 46wm3). This is against all leading brands of electric and night storage heaters.).

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 60% heating efficiency*

  • Maintenance free

  • Quick and easy installation

  • 5 year warranty

  • Highly controllable

  • Combines with renewables for free heating and zero CO2

  • Designed to meet LOT 20 requirements

Specification & Product Codes



696414 - Herschel Select White 350w

696415 - Herschel Select White 540w

696416 - Herschel Select White 700w