Healthbox II

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:42

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Product Details

The Healthbox II is a high-end demand controlled ventilation unit, measuring CO2, VOC (odor and chemicals) and humidity in each wet room.

The ventilation level is adjusted automatically depending on the pollution level. Also, the unit has an intelligent control providing consistent and perfect indoor air quality without user interaction, but the user can choose several special working modes with the 4 button switch (i.e. eco, healthy, domestic, boost, cooking, out of house and summer breeze). The touch display also allows a weekly or daily program to be easily created. The Healthbox II comes in 6 pieces (125mm wet room connection) and 1 piece (150mm extraction duct connection).

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Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed perfect indoor air quality
  • Built in CO2, VOC and humidity sensor
  • Low noise, low maintenance and low energy use
  • Easily installation
  • Automatic calibration

Additional extras:

  • Wireless touch display with CO2 sensor and CO2 indication
  • More compact

Specification & Product Codes



747417 - Healthbox II

359307 - Healthbox II Touch

747423 - Healthbox II Compact

747452 - Healthbox II Touch Compact

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