GreenFlame Wood Pellet Boilers

Last Updated: October 07, 2015 14:54

GreenFlame Wood Pellet Boilers

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GreenFlame is an automatically fed wood pellet boiler that delivers efficiencies in excess of 90% as well as offering substantial CO2 savings. It requires a carbon neutral fuel supply in the form of wood pellets meaning it has environmentally friendly credentials. Wood is one of the most sustainable and natural fuel sources as it releases about the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it absorbs during growth.


  • MCS accredited

  • 90.7% + efficient

  • Large fuel store capacity

  • 7 step power modulation

  • Easy to use LCD controller

  • Automatic pellet feed

  • Integrated pellet store

  • Complete with pump and pressure switch

  • Up to 7 days continual burning (average usage is 3 to 4 days before re-fuelling)

  • Frost Protection (External)

  • Low level pellet sensor and warning signal

  • AVC control (Air Velocity Control)

  • Generously sized ash pan

  • No need for buffer tank

  • Guarantee: 1 year main parts & 5 year heat exchanger

  • Eligible for grant initiatives such as RHPP and RHI

  • Tested to EN303-5

  • External model includes stainless steel flue system (2 metres)

Specification & Product Codes


Quality certification:



318618 - GreenFlame 15kW Internal Biomass

318619 - GreenFlame 2kW External Biomass

318620 - GreenFlame 25kW Internal Plus Biomass

706756 - GreenFlame 15kW External Plus Biomass

706758 - GreenFlame 25kW Internal Biomass

900824 - GreenFlame 15kW External Biomass

900825 - GreenFlame 15kW Internal Plus Biomass

900826 - GreenFlame 25kW External Plus Biomass