Grant Vortex Air

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:18

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Product Details

The Vortex Air is a hybrid oil boiler and air source heat pump launched by Grant UK. The boiler and heat pump are operated together by the built-in ‘hybrid’ control system, as follows:

Heat pump only – when the demand is within the capacity of the heat pump

Heat pump backed up with short bursts from oil boiler when required

Boiler only – automatically takes over when the ambient air temperature drops to a pre-set changeover temperature

Unlike traditional oil-fired boilers the Grant Vortex condensing boiler has a built-in stainless steel heat exchanger incorporating Grant’s unique turbulator baffle system, which cools the gases to a point where the latent heat, normally lost to the atmosphere through the flue, can be usefully extracted.

The additional energy recovered enables the boiler to operate continuously at much higher efficiency levels, resulting in lower heating and hot water running costs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Annual maintenance is made easy by Grant’s cleverly designed front service access to both the burner and all the internal serviceable parts.

  • Exceptionally quiet when in operation

  • ERP rating; oil boiler heating = A, heat pump heating = A++ and heat pump hot water = A.

  • Sleek compact casing makes it easy to install and saves on space

  • Our in-house team can help with designs and technical support on installing the range from Grant

  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

Specification & Product Codes



110502 - Vortex Air 21/26KW

GHPIDAIR2 - Vortex Air 21/26KW (PTS keyword)

578905 - Vortex Air 15/21KW

GHPIDAIR - Vortex Air 15/21KW (PTS keyword)

384839 - Vortex Air kW Meter

578906 - Vortex Air Heat Meter Kit