Grant Biomass Boiler WPS 9/36

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:19

Wood pellet boilers are an environmentally friendly, safe and convenient way of heating the home, using wood pellets as fuel.

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Apart from the green aspect, the units are fully automatic and behave more like an oil or gas boiler, using advanced controls which cleverly regulate the amount of fuel being delivered to the burner to match the heat demand on the boiler.

The fuel is fed to the burner via an auger connected to the adjacent pellet store/hopper. This can, in turn, be automatically supplied from a bulk pellet store which can vary in size.

The process of burning wood produces ash, so wood pellet boilers, biomass boilers normally require a certain amount of regular cleaning and maintenance, which can be tedious. Grant has, however found a better solution with their unique ‘self cleaning’ boiler design, reducing the need for cleaning to once a year under running conditions.

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As of 5th October 2015, consumers (domestic or commercial) of wood pellets & briquettes are now required to purchase their fuel from a supplier that is on the approved Biomass Supplier List (BSL), as they will prove the supply is from a certified source (at the time of purchase), to claim any cash benefits as part of the Renewable Incentive Scheme (RHI)