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Last Updated: August 16, 2016 15:35

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The Geoweb Slope and shoreline protection system is an economical solution to challenging slope problems. The system provides a means of fully-vegetating slope surfaces that otherwise could not support plant life.

Typical Applications:

• Cut or fill embankment slopes

• Containment dikes and levees

• Shoreline revetments

• Geomembrane protection

• Landfill lining, covers and drainage

• Storm water basins

• Waste water lagoons

• Dam faces and spillways

• Abutment protection


  • The three-dimensioned structure confines selected infill material to resist down slope movement.

  • Minimises the movement and migration of embankment materials.

  • A variety of infill materials can be used i.e. topsoil, aggregates, rocks or stone.

  • Increases vegetation stability on slopes by interlocking the vegetative root zones.

Specification & Product Codes



231537 - 2.3m x 6.54m GW20V2

231538 - 2.3m x 6.54m GW20V4

231539 - 2.6m x 5.65m GW40V3

231540 - 2.6m x 5.65m GW40V6

616975 - 2.3m x 6.54m GW20V3

619676 - 2.3m x 6.54m GW20V6

619677 - 2.6m x 5.65m GW40V4

619678 - 2.6m x 5.65m GW40V8

813745 - 2.3m x 6.54m GW20V8