Egger Protect 5

Last Updated: July 13, 2016 12:11

Egger tongue and groove moisture resistant P5 grade particleboard forms the basis for many of our value added products.

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Product Details

Egger P5 is suitable for humind/damp environments and is therefore ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors.

All boards are machine profiled with diamond tipped tooling to achieve a precision toungue and grooved profile. The board is manufactured in accordance with EN312-5:2003 and has been independently audited by WKI to meet CE guidlines. All production is FSC certified by HOLZCERT.

Available in 18mm and 22mm thicklness, 2400mm x 600mm board size.

Egger P5 also foams the basis for Decorative Protect, Protect and Peel Clean Xtra.

Specification & Product Codes



323194 - 18 x2400 x 600mm

323207 - 22 x2400 x 600mm