Dulux Ecosure Paint

Last Updated: October 09, 2015 11:14

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Product Details

Ecosure Matt

• Offers performance that matches and in some cases exceeds that of equivalent matt emulsions, delivering favourably comparable levels of opacity and coverage.

Ecosure water-based Gloss and Undercoat

• Achieve a professional finish normally associated with solvent-based variants, while being more environmentally friendly paints.

Ecosure Water-based Undercoat

• A professional quality, durable and quick drying undercoat with good opacity and adhesion properties. Up to 16m² per litre

Ecosure Water-based Gloss

• A professional quality, quick drying and high sheen finish with good flow and application properties. Up to 16m² per litre

Ecosure Quick Drying Eggshell

• Durable and attractive mid-sheen finish whilst delivering sustainability.

Ecosure Quick Drying Eggshell

• A tough, durable and attractive mid-sheen finish that is quick drying and of low odour. As part of the Ecosure range it delivers on both sustainability and performance. Up to 16m² per litre on sealed surfaces.


  • Virtually zero VOC and zero solvent

  • 35% less embodied carbon than Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

  • Excellent opacity

Specification & Product Codes



452196 - Trd Eco M/Light & Space Abslte White 5l

452197 - Trd Eco M/Light & Space Lum Base 5l

452216 - Trd Ecosure Qd E/Extra Deep Base 5l

452217 - Trd Ecosure Qd Eggshell Light Base 5l

452219 - Trd Ecosure Qd Eggshell Pbw 5l

658453 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt Pbw 5l

658456 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt Light Base 5l

658457 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt Medium Base 5l

658458 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt Ex Deep Base 5l

658459 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Gloss Pbw 5l

658460 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Gloss Pbw 2.5l

658461 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Undercoat Pbw 5l

658462 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Undercoat Pbw 2.5l

658463 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Gloss Med Base 2.5l

658464 - Dulux Trade Ecosure Gl Ex/Deep Base 2.5l

658465 - Dulux Trade Ecosure U/Coat M Base 2.5l

658466 - Dulux Trade Ecosure U/Coat Deep Bse 2.5l