Dimplex Ground Source Heat Pump SI TUR+

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 10:44

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The Dimplex Ground Source Heat Pump uses a range of non-domestic/commercial applications with heat load demands up to 75kW.

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  • The SI TUR+ range provides the capability to be reversed to provide active cooling. Waste heat recovery in cooling mode allows extremely efficient hot water production (for example for sanitary or swimming pool use).

  • Can be used to provide heating and/or cooling.

  • Waste heat recovery in cooling mode for swimming pool or sanitary water heating.

  • Twin compressors for higher capacity output and two performance capacities.

  • Intelligent load switching between compressor to maximise compress life.

  • Supplied with wall mounted WPM EconPlus heat pump manager and integrated heat meter.

  • Suitable for under-floor heating, radiator systems and to provide domestic hot water.

  • Scroll compressor providing efficient, low noise running.

  • Three phase electrical connection with electronic soft start to reduce starting current loads.

Specification & Product Codes



186857 - SI130TUR+