Dimplex Ground Source Heat Pump – Commercial SIH TE

Last Updated: September 18, 2015 13:13

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Heat pumps are among the most efficient heating and hot water systems available toda


  • Variable heating water flow temperature 35°C to 70°C, weather compensated.

  • Twin compressors for higher capacity output.

  • Intelligent load switching between compressors to maximise compressor life.

  • Integrated WPM 2007 heat pump manager with removable control panel.

  • Suitable for use with under-floor heating, radiator systems and to provide domestic hot water at stored temperatures or up to 60°C.

  • Scroll compressor providing efficient, low noise running.

  • Three phase electrical connection with electronic soft start to reduce starting current loads.

  • Able to use ground water as a heat source with the addition of an intermediate heat exchanger.

Specification & Product Codes



186854 - SIH20TE

353635 - SIH40TE