Celotex PIR Insulation Board GA4000

Last Updated: October 15, 2015 14:57

Celotex GA4000 is a general purpose insulation board for floors, walls and roofs. It has long been at the heart of the Celotex product range providing the user with a range of thermal insulation solutions.

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Product Details

Celotex GA4075 is multi-purpose insulation board targeted at 'cut to fit' applications between rafters and joists.

This board will create lower U-values with just one layer, and with its rigid foam core comprising of polyisocyanurate (PIR) its foil facing sheets finish this product to make it perfect for any project.

Features & Benefits

  • Has a lambda value of 0.022W/mK

  • Is suitable for a number of applications including roof, wall and floor systems

  • Achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide

  • Is certified under BBA certificate number 95/3197 and 09/4667

  • Includes low emissivity foil facings giving improved thermal insulation

  • Is easy to cut and shape

  • Future proofs the energy performance of new and existing buildings

Specification & Product Codes



Rigid Polyisocyanurate

Environmental statement:
Zero GWP, Zero ODP
EPD (to ISO 14025):
BRE A* Rating
BRE Ecopoints:
BR 443:2006
3rd party Accreditation:
BS EN 1996-2:2006, BS EN 1995-1-1:2004, BS EN ISO 6946:2007



137492 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 85mm

137494 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 95mm

778040 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 50mm

778041 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 55 mm

778042 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 60mm

778043 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 65mm

778044 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 70mm

778045 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 75mm

778046 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 80mm

778047 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 90mm

778048 - 1200mm X 2400mm X 100mm