Celcon Coursing Unit

Last Updated: December 10, 2015 16:59

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Product Details

Coursing units are produced from the same material as H+H aircrete and are suitable for all the same applications as conventional size Celcon blocks, allowing consistency within the building fabric.

Coursing units are available in thicknesses of 100mm, 115mm and 140mm, with a face size of 215mm x 65mm.

They are suitable for use both externally and internally in load bearing and non-load bearing situations. Available in all grade of Celcon Block and H+H aircrete to suit the product with which they are supplied.


• Infill above doors and windows

• Coursing at floor and ceiling level

• Making up between joists

• Loadbearing walls should not be constructed of coursing units as the only masonry unit

Specification & Product Codes



509611 - 7N 65 x 215 x 100mm

509637 - 65 x 215 x 140mm

753178 - 4N 65 x 215 x 100mm

815568 - 215 x 65 x 100mm