British Ceramic Tile

Last Updated: October 09, 2015 09:53

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Glazed ceramic wall and floor tiles manufactured in Devon in a state-of-the art facility using locally sourced raw materials.

The complete production process is within the same facility and includes raw material milling, bisque pressing, glazing, screen printing, 2nd,3rd & 4th firing, sorting using camera defect detection equipment and packing.

Wall tile sizes: 15cm x 15cm, 20cm x 20cm, 20cm x 25cm, 25cm x 33cm, 25cm x 40cm, 30cm x 60cm

Floor tile sizes: 33cm x 33cm

Glazed finishes include matt, satin and gloss and are available in a range of base colours and screen printed patterns. Complementary strips and inserts are also available in a variety of sizes.

Specification & Product Codes



Tile Body: 53% Ball Clay, 22% Sand, 12% Ground Limestone, 13% Pitcher (production waste). Glaze (Typically 4% of tile weight): Kaolin (China Clay) 2.5%, Quartz 1.5%.

Environmental statement:
ISO 14001:
3rd party Accreditation:
CE Mark: EN14411 (Annex ZA) Ceramic Tiles - Definitions, Classification, Characteristics & Marking. OHSAS18001:2007
Quality certification:
Recycled content (to ISO 14021/WRAP):
13% (production waste only)