Biodegradable Erosion Control Materials

Last Updated: December 14, 2015 12:16

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Erosion is the process of wearing away lands and structures by wind, running and falling water, by flow of water and sediment moved along by water, waves, glaciers, etc.

It can be moderated and mostly avoided by the creation of vegetative structures. Since vegetation establishment is not possible in unprotected areas, it is necessary to protect these vulnerable spots.

Old fashioned protective methods included complete soil sealing with concrete, plastics and other inorganic materials. With our suppliers we have developed the "soft engineering" method with blankets of organic fibres, which protect from erosive forces and enhance vegetative establishment at the same time.

The blankets consist of a top layer of organic, decomposable natural fibres stitched to a bottom layer of seed holders and a top and bottom supporting, lightweight netting. The organic fibres gradually disintegrate and, as the mat structure disappears, the vegetative cover develops.

The preseeded Covamat range, has been specifcally designed for erosion control on freshly soiled slopes and new cuttings. The unseeded Range of blanket and meshes include Eromat Erosion control blankets for total soil cover.

Rockmat Erosion control blankets with upper layer of mesh for additional strength and protection.

Geocoir Coir netting provides surface stability to steep and aggressive applications, such as water courses, high wind exposure, etc.

Geojute Jute netting for short term vegetation establishment to steep slopes and hydroseeding applications.