Aco Qmax

Last Updated: September 11, 2015 11:58

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Product Details

The Aco Qmax system provides optimum surface water drainage and attenuation for a wide range of infrastructure, industrial, hard landscape and SUDs applications.


  • Available in 225, 350, 550, 700 and 900 channel sizes for greater flexibility and economical system design and installation.

  • Manufactured from tough lightweight recycled medium density polyethylene with either ductile iron or hot dipped galvanized steel protective edge rails.

  • Choice of inlet slot designs available to cater for pedestrian and vehicular trafficked applications

  • Unique patented inlet design strengthens the pavement installation and provides unobtrusive continuous slot drainage.

  • 2m channels manufactured from lightweight MDPE are easy to handle and quick to install improving onsite handling and installation rates

  • Suitable for wide range of applications including landscaping, parking, distribution yards, aircraft pavements, ports and docks.

Specification & Product Codes



163144 - Qmax 225 2000mm

163146 - Qmax 350 End Cap

939421 - Qmax 225 End Cap

939422 - Qmax 350 Channel

939423 - Qmax 225/350 Access Chamber with Slotted Cover

939424 - Qmax 225/350 Access Chamber with Slotted Cover