Aco ParkDrain

Last Updated: September 11, 2015 11:58

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Product Details

Aco ParkDrain is a one-piece channel drainage system suitable for a wide range of general purpose civil’s applications.


  • Available in 100mm channel width and a range of depths to suit many different catchment areas.

  • Manufactured from Vienite recycled polymer concrete.

  • One piece design improves the inherent strength of the system and eliminates the risk of grating loss of vandalism.

  • Heel guard grating suitable for pedestrian traffic.

  • Lightweight design for simple and quick installation.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including pedestrian areas, car parks and hard landscaped areas.

Specification & Product Codes



759095 - ParkDrain PD100 C10.1

759096 - ParkDrain PD100 C15.1

759097 - ParkDrain PD100 C20.1

759098 - ParkDrain PD100 C25.1

759099 - ParkDrain PD100 C30.1

759100 - ParkDrain PD100 C10.3

759101 - Park Drain PD100 C20.3

759102 - ParkDrain PD100 C30.3

759103 - ParkDrain PD100 C306

759104 - ParkDrain PD100 C108

759105 - ParkDrain PD100 C208

759106 - ParkDrain PC100 C308

759107 - Park Drain PD900

759108 - Mini ParkDrain Channel

759109 - Mini Park Drain Access Unit