Aco CivicDrain

Last Updated: September 18, 2015 13:06

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Product Details

Aco CivicDrain is the ideal drainage channel for light to medium duty traffic applications.


  • High quality, high strength polymer concrete channel, suitable for light to medium duty traffic up to 25 tonnes.

  • Drainlock technology allows quick and simple installation of gratings.

  • Corrosion resistant black composite Heelguard grating.

  • Suitable for private and public parking, residential developments, commercial developments and light industrial units.

Specification & Product Codes



683948 - CivicDrain Channel and Grate 1000mm

683949 - CivicDrain 10.0 Channel and Grate 1000mm

683950 - CivicDrain 20.0 Channel and Grate 1000mm