Ofgem confirms FiT freeze

Ofgem has confirmed that feed-in tariffs for Solar PV will freeze from 1st October until 1st January 2015.

Due to low levels of deployment in all bands, any installations with an eligibility date on or after the 1st October will remain on the following tariffs:

0-4kW = 14.38p/kWh

More than 4-10kW = 13.03p/kWh

More than 10-50kW = 12.13p/kWh

More than 50-100kW = 10.34p/kWh

More than 100-150kW = 10.34p/kWh

More than 150-250kW = 9.89p/kWh

More than 250kW-5MW = 6.38p/kWh

Stand-alone = 6.38p/kWh

Export tariff = 4.77

Commenting on the new feed-in tariff rates, Paul Barwell chief executive of the Solar Trade Association said: “Whilst many in the industry will be relieved that there are no looming degressions, we really need to see much higher levels of deployment than at present to keep on track for solar’s excellent cost reduction potential. While much of the current focus is on large-scale projects, deployment at small- and mid-scale is every bit as vital for realising the full potential of solar to reduce costs, emissions and energy dependence.

This article has been adapted from an article published by Solar Power Portal.