Lee Jackson presents at LABC Technical Exchange

Lee Jackson, Head of Technical Services for Travis Perkins, was pleased to present at the LABC Technical Exchange meeting in Staffordshire today, talking how how house-builders can efficiently achieve the new Part L Building Regulations.

Sustainable Building Solutions and Travis Perkins have created a simple menu of options to help house-builders efficiently achieve the new Part L Building Regulations by matching the right energy solution with the right build fabric. In addition to simplifying life for house-builders, the designs have generated a typical build-cost saving of £3,500 per home.

For the fabric-first element of the solution SBS created a series of specified technical drawings for brick and block construction, using everyday building materials and techniques. With the introduction of the new Part L documentation in April, SBS launched a menu of options demonstrating how the drawings work with various heating, ventilation and renewables products, and the air tightness level required by each option. This allows builders to cater for specific customer and site requirements.

Lee said: “With each new change in Building Regulations, there are plenty of myths created around how restrictive and difficult they are to achieve. With the right technical advice and fabric first principles it’s possible to simply build to the regulations with standard masonry construction to a total wall thickness of 300mm, with very little new equipment.”

The menu of options includes a fabric first approach without renewables, with an overall wall thickness of 300mm, comprising of either 100mm full fill or 50mm partial fill cavity and excluding any renewable technologies. Options are provided for both aggregate and aerated blocks. To ensure this approach achieves the regulations it specifies a flue gas heat recovery boiler, mechanical ventilation and an air tightness rating of 3.0m3/(m2/yr).

If the build includes renewables there are a further four options, all based on the same ‘fabric first’ construction details. For example, the air source heat pump option works with the same specified build fabric and with the air tightness rating of 5.0m3/(m2/y).

To find out how you can take advantage of the freely available construction drawings, call the SBS helpline on 0800 688 8388 or email helpline@tpsbs.co.uk, or click here to view our explanatory animation.