Heat pump innovation will drive advances in energy efficiency

Sustainable Building Solutions, part of Travis Perkins plc, has predicted that heat pumps will be a key growth market in the renewable heating industry, with the market likely to more than double over the next three years.

In reflection of this, the Travis Perkins plc stand at Ecobuild 2015 highlighted not one, but four innovative new heat pumps, demonstrating the great potential of the technology and its place alongside the whole house solutions offered by SBS.

The F730 NIBE exhaust air heat pump and Daikin Altherma Monobloc air-to-water heat pump, which were exclusively featured on the SBS Ecobuild stand, illustrated the improved efficiency, simplified installation, and lower running costs that are part of the growing appeal of heat pumps.

Further innovation was demonstrated by the Vaillant geoTHERM heat pump; the first wall-hung ground-source heat pump which is ideal for multiple properties, plus the new Ambient Energy Collector designed specifically for the UK market by Solfex.

Ian Stares, Category Director for Renewables and Sustainable Energy at the Travis Perkins Group, said: “Heat pumps were central to our Ecobuild stand this year. We believe this technology is key to the future of our industry and the types of innovation displayed on our stand makes the market predictions of 100% plus growth very credible.

“The potential contribution of heat pumps to energy saving targets is also incredibly exciting when combined within our whole house solutions, including the training, services, and standard construction drawings that SBS offers.”

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