It is still early days for the Green Deal, but official statistics show the scheme gained significant momentum in March, with a total of 9,268 Green Deal assessments now having taken place in just over two months of the scheme. As those assessments turn into Green Deal Plans the industry will need qualified and accredited installers to undertake the work.

The Travis Perkins Group’s Green Deal partner, Toriga, wrote the first Green Deal plan in March and supplied the products to deliver with the project commencing in April.

Also by the end of March, 108 Green Deal Assessor Organisations and the 1,003 Green Deal Advisors they employ had been accredited, and £68.9 million worth of contracts had been let through the ECO brokerage system.

Paul Joyner, Director of Sustainable Building Solutions said: “The Green Deal will be a marathon not a sprint, with the scheme taking up to ten years to develop its potential. However, these early numbers are really encouraging and the Travis Perkins Group needs new installers to join our scheme to ensure we can fulfil all the work.”

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker MP said: "It is clearly very early days but the latest figures on the Green Deal show that this new market is gathering real momentum. 9,268 Green Deal assessments taking place in just over two months is very encouraging and shows a genuine interest from consumers. The Green Deal gives people the opportunity to improve the efficiency of their homes, make them warmer and protect themselves from rising energy bills.

"The number of businesses getting on board continues to rise steadily, underlining that the Green Deal offers fantastic new commercial opportunities. 48 firms are now authorised as providers, with a further 831 registered to carry out installations and over a thousand individuals registered to offer assessments. Overall this is a really promising start for the Green Deal."