According to the latest monthly statistics released by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), July 2014 was one of the biggest months ever for the Green Deal.

This is the first report that include figures from the recently closed Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) which indicate the number of measures installed, what type of measures have been used and the repayments to customers.

To the end of July 543 energy efficient measures were installed through the GDHIF, this figure is forecast to increase over the coming months as homeowners in England and Wales that have vouchers will continue to carry out improvements. The reports also showed that Solid Wall Insulation accounted for nearly 68% of the total measures installed, making it one of the most popular measures.

July was also the biggest month for Green Deal assessments, which give homeowners an understanding of the energy efficiency of their home, with over 37,000 homeowners receiving an assessment, this is almost 8,000 more than the previous highest month.

In term of Green Deal plans, numbers increased by over 600 from June to July this year. 1,815 plans have now been installed and homeowners have now been billed.

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