Government to dish out a further £70m in Green Deal sweeteners

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that more funding will be allocated to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GHIF) from 16th March.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey confirmed that up to £70m will be made available to households that apply for grants towards the cost of energy efficiency improvements. Individual households will be able to secure vouchers worth up to £5,600, dependent on the type of upgrades.

"We're helping families keep warmer for less - driving bills down by encouraging more competition between energy suppliers and making over one million homes more energy efficient," said Davey. "Households up and down the country are reaping the benefits of a warmer home thanks to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. And now, with more money available, thousands more can benefit."

Under the current funding award households will be eligible for up to £3,750 for installing solid wall insulation and/or up to £1,250 for installing two measures from an approved list. In addition, £100 will be refunded to participating households to cover the cost of under-going a Green Deal Assessment designed to establish which measures would suit their property. A further £500 is on offer for those applying within 12 months of buying a new home.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said the funding was part of a wide-ranging effort from the government to improve domestic energy efficiency. "This winter the government has helped people save money while keeping warm - taking an average of £50 off household bills and making it quicker and easier to switch supplier. But to cut bills every winter people need to use less energy," she said. "We've already improved over one million homes to make them more energy efficient and we want to help more. Thanks to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund thousands of families.

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This article has been adapted from an article published by Business Green.